Engraver Tai Pen

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Electronic vibration engraving machine cutting plotter, also known as handwriting, is inscribed a new type of electronic equipment, it has a small, light weight, easily carved, fast, easy to carry, easy to use permanent markers to save and so on. Made in taiwan product.

Application: It is widely used in porcelain, marble, circuit boards, bicycles, televisions, tape recorders, jewelry, tools, cameras and other objects for the surface modification or sculpture.

Electric engraved pen principle: 
The use of alternating current frequency cycle of new product features, product forced vibration, drive straight bar entry side of the high hardness of the metal head, so you can comfortably lettering.

Electric engraved pen to use: 
Use the right hand holding the body, such as hold a pen, like the ability to write tilt, hold down the switch at a small twist, the kind and slightly mobile sculpture, carved block transfer speed, the depth varies, depending on the material , a reasonable adjustment. 5-speed adjustable, the higher the stall, the engraved lines deeper, more coarse.

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