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CNC Workshop for Milling/Lathe/Router/CAD-CAM 2D 3D 4D/Operation


We are CNC Training school that specialize in milling, lathe, router, plasma, and laser machines. We offer one of the best training workshops in Thailand that focus on hand-on experience, easy to understand concept, and actual cutting experience to our students.

Our training lesson plans are originated from American CNC Training school and our expertised teams have many years of experiences from USA that will certainly teach our clients to achieve their requirements.

Our variety of customers such as High schoolers, technicians, and owners are not only just local Thai people, but as well as many foreigners who simply begin to expand their knowledge in CNC to someone who has many years of experience and would like to continue their complicated applications using CNC Machines.


Beginner CNC

Basic G-Code, CNC Mill/Turn Operation Basic, 2D CAD/CAM

1 Day Course (Private Lesson) for Owners or employees that have no background in CNC before. Someone that would like to expand their knowledge about CNC. Focus in G-code, Beginning lessons and hand-on experience cutting CNC.

Intermediate CNC


1-3 Days Course (Private)

Focus on 2D and 3D computer software to assist in faster programing

Advance CNC 4D & 5D CAD/CAM

1-3 Days Course (Private)

Focus on 4D and 5D computer software CAD/CAM for advanced users that involve rotary axis cutting CNC.

Mill Operation CNC

Milling Operation

1-2 Days Course (Private)

Focus on Setup/Operation in front of actual machine (on-site or @CNCmaker Training school)

Lathe Turning CNC Turning Operation

1-2 Days Course (Private)

Focus on CNC Lathe/Turning Machine in G-code programing / CAD-CAM lathe training.

3D Engraving CNC Bitmap Sculpture Training 3D

1 Day Course (private)

Focus on using pre-built 1,500 designs to create 3D Models for CNC engraving.

CAM-T (program for kids) Basic Training (Kids only)

4 Week Course (Group) focus on summer camp for students between age 10-16 years old to understand CNC technology.

CNC Retrofits / Rebuild Training

Retrofit 1 (general)

Basic CNC Electronic / Mechanic, CNC Electronic Selection, PC controller setup

1 Day Course (Group)

Focus on basic Maintenance for CNC such as how to select the correct equipments to build CNC machines. How to configure PC Controller to sync with drive+motor in 3 Axis CNC machines. No prior knowledge background is required to attend this class.

Retrofit 2 (client system)

Intermediate Level for Specific Setup on focused brand.

1-3 Day Course (Private)

Focus on intermediate Maintenance level for CNC controller that required equipments on specific brand. This workshop explore the basic wiring equipments but do not focus on Tool changer system.

Retrofit Advance

Advanced Rebuild Full System CNC

3-7 Day Course (Private)

Focus on Advanced Mainteance level for CNC controller that required customers to have prior experience in CNC repair to explore advanced knowledge in Full System Servo + Tool Change, PLC Editing, & Troubleshooting for specific CNC Brand.

Laser Training
Laser (Setup & Operation)

Laser CNC Training (Basic to Intermediate level)

1-3 Day Course (Group/Private)

Foucs on Beginner to Intermeidate level for clients that want to learn about Laser CO2 or Fiber machine. Students will learn how to create simple vectors, output files to the machine, cutting on Laser machine, setup and maintenace Laser machines.


training cam

Training Software (LINK)




operation training

Start up (VDO)

Spindle power (VDO)

Semi Auto Mode (VDO)


cnc training installation

Rebuilt Servo (JPEG)



For Training workshp enrollment: CLICK HERE or send line ID: CNCmaker   

(For training Registration, please click the link to the above)

Training Location:

81/2 Nonsri road, Yannawa, Chongnonsri, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

081-868-2788 / 02-312-0227 / 085-842 2700 (LINE ID: CNCMaker)


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Gallery List 2012 Trainees


Training international

Gallery List 2017 Training International school (Thailand)

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training brochure



Sample Training 3 D Milling machine

Specification/Picture VDO1 VDO2 VDO3

Sample Training 2 D Lathe Turning machine

Specification/Picture VDO1 VDO2 VDO3



About Us in CNC rebuilding

"CNCmaker, Inc. history went back 20 years ago where we feel that the work of engineers, inventors, technicians, hobbyists, educators, and others will be enhanced when they have immediate access to CNC equipments and appropriate training. Similar to Evolution of PC, the evolution of personal CNC can alter the paradigm of what a machine tool is about. 

There will be no denial that commercial CNC machinery will remain the foundation of industrial production, our CNC products equip with PC based can become a tool for the all of us.  Overall cost will be much less, production will be much more competitive in the short run, design will fit better on full scale manufacturing.  Therefore, we strongly believe that PC based CNC equipment is the upcoming future for the CNC industry.

** CNCMaker Staff **


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