ID NO Picture Product/Model Description Price (Bahts)
AM08008 Holzher Edgebander

Holzher Edgebander Triathlon 1487

VDO Link

Controller: SPK 18000, Width with roller support min 1152 mm, max 2196mm, work piece thickness min 6mm, max 60mm, work piece width x length min 60 x 140mm, electrical 220V, 3P, 50/60Hz, 30A, Year 2003, Made in Germany (New $150,000) note: VDO link is reference, this machine can do much more!

AM08009 Schelling CNC AM08009 Schelling CNC cut to size Panel Saw FI330 VDO Link Controller Version 2.01, Maximum open clamp 70mm, Cutting length (front x depth) 3130 x 3630mm, saw blade diameter 350mm, saw blade speed 60m/min, electrical 220v, 50/60Hz, 3P, 15HP, accuracy +/- 0.1m per 3m, Year 1995, made in Austria  
AM08019 Hot Roll laminator Monco TB60 hot mel

(Hot Melt Roll Laminator) VDO Link

Manco TB60 60" TB HOT ROLL Melt Laminator, coated paper/foil 75 ft/min, both sides, laminate roll width 65" Thk 1.5", dia 14", temperature 0-400F, Total power required 60KVA, 380V, 3Phrase, Year 1996 (made in USA) Website: (New $140,000) s/n:163099

AM08017 wadkin gang panel saw Wadkin Gang Panel Saw Woodworking, Gang Rip saw, Made in England, 220/440V, 3P, 60Hz, s/n: CJ4 4062, saw center to table 14", table 3mx1m 180,000
AM07030 donaldson suction Vacuum Suction, Donaldson Torit TD454 Donaldson Air suction, 2HP motor with Air hose vent 4m long, Donaldson Air Suction s/n: IG062544, 230/400V, 2HP, 3P, 60 Hz, 3600 RPM 50,000
AM00075 scissor lift Scissor Lift - boards up to 4000 lb American M-1202-3A, s/n: 78030-1, lift american manufacturing cap 4000 lb, Perfect size for lifting particle, MDF, boards, etc. 80,000