ID NO Picture Product/Model Description Price
AM09010 ISG5500 Toshiba ISG5500S10340 34B Injection machine
550 Ton injection Machine s/n: 514508, year 1995
Shot size 3.6Kg, Made in Japan
AM08023 FS210550ASE Nissei 210 Ton
FS210550ASE Injection Machine

NC9000 control, 30KW motor, 14.8KW heater, year 1995, 230-460V (3P) 60Hz, clamp 0.8x0.8m, stroke clamp 1m, injection dia 2.5", screw length 2m



FN6000 Nissei 350 Ton FN6000 Injection Machine CNC control, 37KW motor, plate clamp 1mx1m, stroke 1m, year 1995, S/N: 28Q323, injection dia 3", screw length 2.5m, Hopper S28Q323, 71A, 37KW Motor, 230/460V (3P), 60Hz Power  
AM08007 Engel 220 Engel 200 Ton Injection Machine Stroke 3ft, screw length 3m, plate 3x3', shot dia 2.5", Machine need new control, shot diameter 2.5", come with manuals, year 1994, Made in Austria 500,000
AM09029 Sumitomo SH280A Sumitomo SH280A-NIV-A Injection Machine Sumitomo Year 1995 Model: SH280A-NIV-A, 280 TON, Control NIV, sumitomo C1700, s/n: m0bq0118, 460V, 60hz, 45 kw motor, 31.3 kw, year 1995 500,000
AM09025 Nissei NS40-5A

Nissei NS40-5A

Injection Machine

Nissei Year 1999 NS 40-5A, NS40-5A, s/n: E40q037, 230/460v, 60hz, heater 4.3kw, motor 7.5kw, ctrl: NC2, nissei hopper dryer  
AM09028 Kawaguchi K140 CX Kawaguchi K140 CX Injection Machine Kawaguchi Year 1989 K140-CX, Clamp 140 ton, screw dia 4.5mm, shot vol 285 cm^3, inj press 1800 kg/cm ^3, s/n: pc-zy1016 **  
AM09026 KX140-CX Kawaguchi KX140-CX Injection Machine Kawaguchi Year 2000 KX140-CX, s/n: J1-mm1692, clamp ton: 154 us ton, screw diameter 1.77", shot volum 16.48", inj press 28100 psi ** 500,000
AM09027 Kawaguchi KM100C Kawaguchi KM100C Injection Machine Kawaguchi Year 1991 KM100C, clamp 100 ton, screw 400mm, shot vol:^3, press 18000 kg/cm^3, s/n: HF-NZ0195  
AM09030 porcheson Kawaguchi KM140B

Kawaguchi KM140B rebuilt year 2010 Injection Machine Porcheson PS860AM control

Kawaguchi Year 1991 KM140B, clamp 164 US ton, screw dia 1.77", shot vol 10.49 in^3, press 25400 psi, s/n: JF-NZ0303 ** REBUILT Year 2010 with Porcheson PS860AM control, Linear Scale, and new CORE in/out option*



AM09031 Kawaguchi K265C Kawaguchi K265C Injection Machine Kawaguchi Year 2000 K265C, Clamp 292 us ton, screw dia: 2.36", shot vol: 44.78", inj press 25700 psi, s/n: JE-yy3122  
AM00064 Sailor Robot RZ-300 Alpha II-A

Injection Robot

*New Year 2007*

Sailor RZ-300Alpha II-A (made in Japan) Brand new year 2007

s/n: 2047, year 2007, 3P, 200V, 15A made in Japan

AM00008 Nissui granulator Nissui SKN-22 Granulator Heavy Duty Cutter Nissui (USA), 208-230V, 2.2Kw, s/n S22287, Diagram No: 02-0002-05, full load amp 8.3, 3P, 60Hz, 3HP  
AM09051 IMS granulator IMS Granulator heavy Duty 230/460V, 5HP, Made in USA (Qty x 2 )  
AM00060 Hopper Dryer NS-54 8L7

NS-54 8L7

Hopper Dryer

220V, 4KW, 3P, 60Hz, year 2001  
AM00065 Matsui Temp control DMZ80 Matsui DMZ80,120 Temp Control Matsui DMZ80,120 Temp Control, 80 kg (qty x 2 Available)  
AM09024 AQ0W1004 Accuchiller Accuchiller Portable Water Chiller made in usa, thermalcare, 460/3/60hz, s/n 590010611, model AQ0W1004, Portable Chiller  
AM09052 Coherent Chiller Coherent Chiller (laser) Polar pure, model: Pp18, 021-4-23Z00, COOLING CAPACITY 20 Kw , -POWER REQ'D. 208/3 PHASE 50/60 Hz 40 Amps / 20 Amps, --SIZE 60"L X 32"W X 34"H  
AM09050 Aquathermo Termalcare chiller Aquathermo Thermalcare Chiller Chiller Qty x 16 available, RA090803, 230V/3/60, pump 3/4HP, heater 9KW (USA)