ID NO Picture Product/Model Description Price (Bahts)
AM09004 Weld ArcMate 100i, Arc Mate, Lincoln Welder, CNC weld system Arc Mate 100i Fanuc, Lincoln Weld Year 1993, Fanuc Arc Mate, F-17570 Arc mate 100i, A05B-1203-B251 No.R9xx65279 (year 1993) control R-J2, Weld system with Lincoln arc welder w/ 2 tables (1.5x1.5m), 6 axis Robot Arc Mate F175170 (A05B-1203B25) 1993/10, steel table w/ autofeed Lincoln welder Sold Out
AM09005 ArcMate, Arc mate 100i, R-52 Liconln ARC Welding Fanuc CNC Arc Mate, Lincoln Arc R-52, Arc Mate 100i Year 1993, 6 Axis Robot Arc Mate 100i, with lincoln electric inverter 225 A, with wire feed set, control syste R-52 , Fanuc Arc Mate, Flat table with lincoln arc welder Sold Out
AM09006 Fence Welder PLC 2, Miller 302 CV Weld, Fence welder system with PLC 2 head control, Miller 302 CV Automatic Fence weld system with Mitsubishi PLC control table, model: 812 with table 4m x 2m, 2 set of welder Miller Delta weld 302 cv, dc welding power Call
AM00025 Welder Lincoln R3R500, R3M-300, Linde V1-400CV/DC, Miller SRH-400, R2S-32S Welder Lincoln, R3R500 Lincoln Arc Welder, DC arc welder 230/460V, 3P, 60/50Hz, 600A Call
AM00025   Welder, R3M-300 Ideal arc, dc arc welder, 375A, 230/460V, 60Hz, code: 5986 Call
AM00025   Welder, Linde V1-400CV/DC p/n: 677060, 230/460V, 60 Hz, 3P, 400A Call
AM00025   Welder - Miller SRH-400 Miller SRH-400, p: 230/460V, 82A/41A, s: 36V, 400A, 60 hz, 20.3KW Call
AM00025   Welder, R3S-32S Lincoln R3S-32S Call
AM00025   Welder, Westing House Westing House Call
AM00029 Welder - Lincoln Ideal Arc TIG-300/300 Lincoln Ideal Arc TIG-300/300, AC/DC arc welder code: 7723-c, s/n: AC397142, 230/460V, 117A, 60 Hz Call
AM00030 Welder Lincoln R3R500, R3M-300, Linde V1-400CV/DC, Miller SRH-400, R2S-32S Welder, Airco L&SP 1231 Airco L&SP#1231, P: 230/460V, 200/100A, 32.5KW, 46K.V.A., 50/60 Hz, 1P, s: AC80v, 600A, DC 70V, 600A Call
AM00031 Welder Lincoln R3R500, R3M-300, Linde V1-400CV/DC, Miller SRH-400, R2S-32S Welder, Gilland CV 600F Gilliland CV 600F Call
AM00031   Welder, Lincoln R3S-400 Lincoln R3S-400, DC input 230/460V, 68/34A, 60Hz, 3P 20,000
AM00108   Welder, Hobart 200A Hobart 200A, Autofeed 230/460V, 20A, output 200A 20,000
AM09003 Welder Cp200 Welder, CP200 Miller CP200, 200 AMP MILLER DC POWER MIG WELDER, come with S21E wire feed constant feeder Retail $2500, 200Amp, 230/460V, 3P, wire feed 50,000
AM09003A   Welder, CP200 200AMP Miller CP200 , with packrat travel carriage system acu positon for mig, tig or cutting operation 50,000