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Shoda NCB-516A

CNC Planar Gantry Mill Router Shoda NCB-516A (approx year 1990?)

S/n: 870301

S/n: 860201

Fanuc 11M control, ATC 16, BT40

Travel X 3500mm, Y 1300mm, Z700m, Power 220V/3P/ Spindle: A06B-1003-B (200V/3P/5.5KW) 1500/6000RPM Fanuc X/Y/Z Motor A06B-0505-B002 (20S/1500)


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Change Tool MDI Spindle Manual Home Manual Jog Manual Spindle MDI move Electronic Cabinet

AM100003 Shoda NCB-193C CNC Planar Gantry Mill Router Shoda NCB-193C (approx year 1990?)

NCB-193C, S/n: 860101, Fanuc 11M Control, 5 Axis, 2 spindles, Rail Length Travel: X=6m, Y =2m, Z 1.5m, ATC 16 (no test as of Nov 2010)

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AM09009 femco wbnc-100R2 CNC Boring
Horizontal Femco WBNC-100R2
5 AXIS CNC, CNC boring mill, 4" spindle, 57"x63" table, 1300 RPM, 5 Axis CNC, Fanuc 15i, linear scale sensors, market $150K Call
AM08026-1 CNC mill shizuoka CNC Mill Shizuoka *For retrofit* 3Kw spindle, table 50x12", tool change auto, NC control Dana, Travel approx X24, Y30, Z18, 3800 RPM

Sold Out

AM08026-2 CNC retrofit shizuoka CNC Mill Shizuoka *For retrofit, partial retrofit*, table 50x12", MACH 3 Controller, Travel approx X24, Y30, Z18, 3800 RPM 150,000B
AM07002 CNC mill enshu CNC Mill Enshu *For retrofit*, 47"x16" table, travel 30"/15", 18", 3800 RPM, travel X-Axis: 30", Y-Axis: 15", Z-Axis (Knee): 17 1/2", Quill: 6", Spindle 3800 RPM, NMTB 40 taper, 5HP, 220 Call
AM08010 CNC mill mach 3 enshu CNC Mill Enshu Yuasa Mach3 Year 2009, New AC servo Drives and motors,Control Mach 3 PC control, 47"x16" table, travel 30"/15", 18", 3800 RPM, travel X30", Y15", Z18", NMTB 40 Taper, 5HP, 380V, 3Ph Call
AM00045 cnc hurco delta tau 4000 CNC Mill Hurco Delta Tau 4000 Year 2008 *NEW rebuilt*, 40"x12" delta tau 4000 advantage control, spindle 3800 RPM Call
AM00045a cnc mill mach3 CNC Mill Hurco Mach 3 Year 2009 *NEW rebuilt*, 40"x12", Mach 3 PC, New Drives & steppers 20Nm 220,000
AM07001 cnc machine center matsura mc500 CNC Machine center Matsura MC500 Yasnac M5G control, 16ATC, 5000 RPM, travel 20/13/18", CNC Vertical Machining center w/Yasnac M5G Controls 16 Station ATC BT-35 Taper Spindle 5000 Max RPM Travels x=20" Y=13" Z=18" S/N 80101444 Call
AM09100 cnc machine center fadal gsk980md CNC Machine Center Fadal GSK980MD Year 2010 *NEW rebuilt* GSK980MD Control with new AC Servo Motors and Drives, 40-Taper. 21ATC, 8550lb travel X30,Y16,Z20, table size 39x16", 21ATC, 15HP Call
AM08099 CNC pratt & whitney starturn CNC Turning Center Pratt & Whitney Starturn model: starturn 12-305 NC, Fanuc 6T, AMC amp, large bore diameter Call
AM07014 CNC turning mori seiki TL3 CNC Turning Center Mori Seiki TL3 *For Retrofit* Yasnac 2000G control, swing 40", 8ATC, chuck 12" Swing dia 40", chuck 12" 3 jaw, bore 3", 8ATC, z travel 24?, x travel 14", control mori yasnac 2000G (No test) 180,000-
AM07024 CNC wasino LG81 CNC Turning Center Wasino LG81 Swing dia 18", bore 2", Fanuc control, Gang Tool type, z-12" Travel Z 12"?, mach #130, Year 1981 Call
AM07025 AM07025 Cadillac GSK928TD CNC Lathe Cadillac, GSK928TD Year 2009 *New Rebuilt for GSK928TD control, New AC Servo Drives & Motors, 1500 RPM, 36" center to center, chuck 12", swing 16" Call
AM00010 GSK980TD Lathe Shoun CNC Lathe Shoun, GSK980TD Year 2007 *NEW Rebuilt with GSK Control 980TD with PLC built in, brand new 2 axis AC servo motor and drive 15Nm, 1500 RPM, 9.5A, 2.3KW, 2" bore, swing 28" dia, 36" z travel, x travel 4", 380V, 3P, manual holders Call
AM07013 CNC Mill Emco F1 Mini CNC Mill Emco F1 EMCO F1 CNC Mill (no test)


(rebuild New)

AM07010 Emco Compact 5 Mini CNC Lathe Emco Compact 5 (Complete Retrofit 2010 Mach 3) Over swing 5", 3 Jaw chuck, Spindle 3,500 rpm, Swing 100mm x 320mm, Distance between centers 12.2" , Swing over cross slide 2.4" Spindle bore 0.63"
Spindle taper MT2 , Tailstock taper MT1 , Rapid feed 28"/min, 2/3 hp, 110V, 1P
Sold Out
AM07011 CNC Emco Compact 6 Mini CNC Lathe Emco Compact 6 EMCO Compact 6 CNC Lathe, Made in Austria Call
AM07012 Emco TM02 Mini CNC Lathe Emco TM02 EMCO tronic TM 02 Lathe, Made in Austria (no test) Call
AM11001 AM11001 Roland JWX10 CNC 3 axis (Like-NEW)

The JWX-10 Jewelry Model Maker will quickly produce detailed wax models from the most popular jewelry CAD software. This 4-axis desktop milling machine is the fastest and easiest way to create rings, bracelets and charms using your own designs or existing files. The Roland JWX-10 jewelry model maker brings affordable automatic design and production to every jeweler. (Greigram)

PDF Specification


AM07015 Lathe Tsugami Lathe (manual horiz) Tsugami bore 1", 8 tool change, 3000 rpm, z aix 24", x 12", 5c collet Sold Out
AM07016 CNC lathe Hardinge HCT Lathe (Manual horiz) Hardinge HCT No. 17, HCT 220v, 60 Hz, 3P, 1HP, bore 1" dia, 5c collet, 8 tool change, z 18", 8" swing, auto feed z axis, Chucker Sold Out
AM00004 Lathe Clovis 28 Lathe (manual horiz) Clovis 28 1100 RPM, bore 4", swing 30" dia, chuck 20" 4 jaw, 3m long, center to tailstock 3m, x travel 3', made in Italy Call
AM00035A American Pacemaker Lathe (manaul horiz) American Pacemaker s/n: 3382, 3 Jaw Chuck 2', swing 108", bore 3.5", 7' center to center, Speed 900 RPM, tailstock, made by american tool works co; cincinati, USA... style 32x84, travel x 4', marathorn 25HP spindle Call
AM00040 Leblond Lathe (manual horiz) Leblond swing 40" dia, bore 12", 4 jaw chuck 24", 7' center to center, 15HP, 3P, 440/220V, x travel 3'? s/n: 04D97 Call
AM00007 Lathe 1-7000 Lathe (Manual horiz) 1-7000 1600 RPM, swing 26", 4 Jaw 15" chuck, Z travel 2.5m, turret 4 tool, Tailstock included, USA made, No. 57 inventory, No. 57 Call
AM00015 Bullard 42" Cutmaster Lathe (manual vertical) Bullard 42" Cutmaster

4 Jaw 42" chuck, twin turret 5 tools, Z 2.5m, X 1.5m, s/n; 5126, vertical lathe boring, 42" chuck, side turning blade, 2 heads, made in USA

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AM00014 Bullard 52" Cutmaster Lathe (manual vertical) Bullard 52" Cutmaster

4 jaw 52" chuck, single turret 5 tools, z 2.5m, X 1.5m, vertical lathe boring, 52" chuck, head size changeable, made in USA

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AM00034 Mill Sunstrand horizontal Mill (manual Horizontal) Sunstrand 11m Horizontal Mill 14m long table, Head+ control GE, table 8m x 0.6m Call
AM00001 Radial Drill Mossier Drill (Radial) Mossier

Press Drill Table 2 x 0.8m , z 2.5m capacity, vise 12", 2000RPM

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AM09015 Cincinnati Bickform Drill (Radial) Cincinnati Bickform

Radial Arm Drill 15" Column diameter 180" arm length, box tables and tools


AM07019 Clausing CL15 Drill (manual) Clausing CL15 Variable Drill press w/ multiple drill head, 115/230v, 3/4hp, 4 multiple head, 48" z capacity, Model: 1768, 4000 RPM Clausing AC motor: 3/4HP, 115/230V, 10/5A, single phase Table: X 12” Y 18” 60,000
AM00009 Rockwell Mod20 Drill (Manual) Rockwell mod 20 1800 RPM (USA made), 1.5HP, 230/440V, 60Hz, serie 70-6XO, s/n: 1752653 36,000