MD217 Dental Units VDO

VDO: Introduction MD217 Dental Unit (Movement) 

VDO: How to operate Hand Piece & water spray Units 

VDO: How to check Electronic Parts  

VDO: How to set up Compressor 


ISO 2001 Qualified and CE Certified

* Head Rest High-grade articulated
* Water suction and saliva ejector
* Water Purified System
* Automatic Temperature water supply system
* Three way springe
* Induction hand bur control system
* Operation Light
* Rotatable tempered glass spittoon
* X-Film viewer
* Induction Air-Lock balance arm system
* High speed Air turbine handpiece tie-in (2)
* Low speed Air motor handpiece tie-in (1)
* Dental Stool
* Dental Air compressor



- Supply Presure (220V, 50Hz)

- Air Pressure (0.55 MPA)

- Water Pressure (0.2MPa-0.4MPa)

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